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],” says Next VR co-founder David Cole, “was totally area 51 until about a month, month and a half ago.The rig went out completely covered, you couldn’t see the constellation of light field cameras … Surprisingly so — for a ‘pedestrian’ application, the result is pretty awesome, in some ways better than holographic capture and display, and certainly different.She's hard at work promoting her new film Baywatch.But Priyanka Chopra is never too busy to be her most fashionable.[with data] we already get from stereopsis and depth from a very highly calibrated stereo rig.” Let’s put this announcement in the proper context: it’s not really a light field announcement. If this seems counterintuitive (doesn’t a camera produce a perfectly good image already? And the source material they’re using to interpolate those pixels are camera pixels, but camera pixels that are sort of bump-mapped in 3D space to reflect the true geometry of the world.Next VR is adding light field to their existing technology stack, so it’s just another piece of the puzzle. Here are about 3,000 words as pictures to explain this quickly: Why two cameras are better than one: if you have a depth map (top), you can integrate imagery from different camera positions (bottom two images).Donning retro sunglasses, the Indian-born beauty turned directly at the crowd, opened her mouth and extended her pink and index finger to make a 'rock-on' gesture.Above her glittering dress, Priyanka threw on a slick motorcycle jacket over her shoulders for an extra degree of cool.

A single camera in the center would have no pixel data for the red portion of the background. If it seems nearly impossible to do in realtime, you’re also right.

From "Freaks and Geeks" and "How I Met Your Mother" to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," Segal leads the smart-nerd pack that's been sweeping Hollywood.

Oh, and let's not forgot he single-handedly revived the "Muppets." Donald embraces his nerd status, both as super-geek Troy Barnes on NBC's quirky now-canceled "Community" and his rap persona Childish Gambino—he's been known to rap things about himself like, "To my black nerds, this is church." From a poor kid who aces India's version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in "Slumdog Millionaire" to "Newsnight" blogger and computer whiz on "The Newsroom," Patel can only be described as a charming nerd.

As far as Hollywood goes, geeks have been beating out the Brad Pitts and Tom Cruises for a while now.

The breed of actor, musician, and talk-show host stealing the spotlight now is equal parts brainy, quirky, and sensitive. In terms of television, NBC was one of the first to champion the nerdy leading man, with offbeat single-camera comedies such as “The Office,” which brought its hot nerd trifecta—John Krasinski, Ed Helms, and B. Novak—to the masses, followed by “Community” and “Parks and Recreation,” both filled with slightly left-of-center actors who embraced their outsider status with sexy aplomb.