Andre 3000 dating now

And my partner Big Boi is like, 'This is a great thing for all of us,'" said Benjamin.

"So I felt like there was a certain sell-out in a way, because I didn't want do it, I knew I was doing it for a reason.

The dynamic rap dup will appear on Frank Ocean's remix for the track 'Pink Matter,' from his album 'channel ORANGE.' Read More T. hasn't even dropped his new record yet, but while the world waits to hear 'Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head' when it drops on Dec. is back with a confessional song called 'Sorry,' which features fellow Atlanta rhyme-slinger Andre 3000.

18, he's already moved on to his next record -- a 'Trouble Man' sequel. On the song, the King of the South is not apologetic about some of the mistakes that he has made in the past.

Hell, yeah, he's staying with her for the rest of his life!

Sometimes when you're trying too hard to follow a rule, you're doing yourself more harm. Your grandfather's grandfather's grandfather lived in one town, and maybe the girl he got was the only cute one in town. Sex is really like breathing or drinking a glass of water. One thing I've noticed about entertainers: Whatever's on the surface is an outcry for the opposite of what they're going through.

"I felt weird about going out on stage and doing it again," he told the mag.

"I felt like people would be like, 'Y'all are doing all these festivals, 'Y'all are just doing it for money,' And I felt like a sellout, honestly." Benjamin said he decided to hang a price tag reading "SOLD" on each suit as a not-so-subtle message to fans.

And on top of that, you've got to deal with the Sinéad O'Connors of the world. So a mentor is: "The comfort zone gets you nowhere—especially in music. Boredom keeps you going because it makes you try to find ways to keep yourself exciting. But the cool thing about aging is that the older you get, the harder it is to lie to yourself. Heavy is when someone's gonna give you their whole life—make you cry and smile. When you get over there, you have to go, hop hop hop hop hop.' Now, if you didn't say that, it might take me a year to figure that out.Read More Andre 3000 appears to be adjusting into his movie role as guitar legend Jimi Hendrix for the biopic 'All Is By My Side.' The rapper-actor was spotted by photographers outside of Dublin, Ireland on the set rocking an unkempt afro, bell-bottom pants and a blue bathrobe."I've got all these men writing songs for me, then I go home and I listen to them alone," she admits."What is it with you rock and rollers, you can perform for a thousand people but you can't be honest with one?