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Going on a continual round of dates and being set-up with friends of friends can be stressful and mentally draining.

“Call this war by whatever name you may, only call it not an American rebellion; it is nothing more or less than a Scotch Irish Prebyterian rebellion.” — Anonymous Hessian officer, 1778 The past is behind us is a phrase that’s behind us. My wife surfing TV channels for mind-numbing programmi to watch while she handmakes greeting cards. One-hit wonders fill the airwaves and thought patterns of the idle young/old. Today’s radical, you know, is tomorrow’s traditional value.

Tarot readings can provide fascinating insights into any aspect of your life.

The reader can show you how different decisions in the past have led you to make certain choices when it comes to relationships.

I filled out the profile information to see what it was all about but when I finished I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with it.

It might have just been cold feet but I didn’t pay for a membership, although my information stayed in their system.

And how do you quantify such emotional terms into gender-defining statistics?

You may not have been aware of any pattern developing, but it may be obvious to a third party observer.

By becoming aware of these repeated behaviours, you become better equipped to decide how to act going forward, and the potential consequences if you continue acting in the same way.

And how do you know that two individuals wouldn’t view the same act, and one call it a gesture of love, and other call it a sign of respect?

And even if most men do value respect over love, and most women would do without an equal measure of respect if they could just get some love, does that mean this preference is innate to men and women, or is it a pressure of cultural expectation?