Rashida jones dating john krasinski

PHOTOS: Best TV couples of all time "She's known him for a while," a source told Us of the couple, who are both Harvard alum (Jones graduated in 1997; Jost was in the class of 2004). She likes that he's funny." The pair first met at Seth Meyers' Sept.

1 wedding Martha's Vineyard, Mass., and the two hit it off from the get-go.

For more answers from her game of "Would You Rather," watch the video above.

Rashida Jones didn’t really have to do anything with her life: The daughter of mega-producer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton, she was born into Hollywood royalty, and easily could have become just another club-hopping socialite.

When we approached the star during the opening of “Twelfth Night” in Central Park, the actress confided she prefers the smooches of former “I Love You, Man” co-star Paul Rudd to ex-boyfriend John Krasinski. So, the NY Daily News tried to pull a fast one on Rashida Jones and get her to throw ex-boyfriend John Krasinski under a bus.

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"Would you rather have to hear Christmas music every day of your life," one fans asks. ""I have a romantic, deep relationship with stuffing," the actress replies.

I know they asked the question in hopes that she would throw John under a bus.

At least I hope that is why they asked it and not because the reporter couldn't come up with anything else. Add to this the fact she is dating a guy right now and it becomes even more awkward.

Instead, she learned classical piano at age 5, graduated near the top of her high-school class, and studied law, religion, and philosophy at Harvard.

As if that weren’t enough, she’s been a Gap model, sung backing vocals for Maroon 5, and even dabbled in journalism.