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As set forth in their biographies, many of our attorneys have received awards and accolades for divorce and family law.The founding partners at our law firm have been recognized as Super Lawyer Rising Stars for Family Law.An experienced Illinois attorney can help you understand the legal process and explain your options.Going through a divorce can be an extremely challenging time. At Stange Law Firm, PC, our Waterloo divorce lawyers work hard to protect our clients' interests in Illinois divorce proceedings.The Duke of Wellington was always impeccably dressed.

Here, in the second part of our fantastic series, we dip again into Waterloo In 100 Objects, a fascinating new book by Gareth Glover, for more of the bizarre off-cuts of history that bring this world-changing battle scintillatingly back to life.When there are children involved we hold their interests in the highest regard and do everything we can to ease their transition.From our Waterloo office (by appointment only) we represent clients with family law needs throughout Monroe County, Illinois.Not content with being a war-winning general, a renowned diplomat and a prime minister (as he was from 1828 to 1830), he also inspired the Wellington boot – to this day the chic footwear of country toffs.Most army officers – Wellington among them – and many civilians in high society wore knee-high leather boots called Hessians, with a ‘V’ cut into the top, decorated with metal braid and a matching tassel.